About Me

Grade 5 Game Design

Exploring physical game designing with grade 5 students.

Growing up as a third-culture kid, born an American and living in Brazil, I never enjoyed school. I liked learning, but I didn’t find that school focused enough on teaching children. Instead, it was a barrage of tests and homework with absolutely no differentiation. I began to ask myself, “Where is the fun? When do we get to learn? Why does it have to be so structured?”.

Fast forward a decade or two and I find myself working to change the system that frustrated me so much growing up. I look for opportunities to authentically integrate technology in order to enhance the learning of my students; while simultaneously developing the technological skills of the teachers I work with in order to foster their independence.

When I think about why I chose to work in education, I know that it’s because I want to inspire students to ask questions. I want them to come to school excited about the day ahead, with a smile on their face because they know that the lessons of the day will have real world applications. Their expressions when working with a tool, that complete look of focused rapture when they are engaging in an activity on their device – that’s what makes me want to do what I do.


Alexander Johnson Resume


I am currently living in Mumbai, India with my desi wife, Ashrita. Enjoying the newlywed lifestyle, being close to my parents and one of my brothers (who happen to live just across town), and working at Oberoi International School. My wife is a first-grade teacher and grade level leader; we met while working at the school and just happened to share some of the same passions.


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