Oberoi International School’s Technology Integration Blog

Today, I actually want to give a shout out to my co-worker and team member, Jalpa Sheth, who has taken over the responsibility of managing the school’s technology blog. For the past seven months, she has done a great job of keeping the blog updated with recent integration examples.

If you are looking for examples of learning engagements, useful apps, and age-appropriate technology integration, look no further! You can visit the blog here.


Landing Page for Tech Integration Blog

Upon arriving at the landing page, you’ll see our ‘App of the Month’ section which can give you a new tool to explore.

I suggest going to the ‘Posts’ and taking a look at some of the ways in which the tools are being used in the classroom. Each post is supported by either photos or videos of the students in action; it’s challenging to find time to take photos and videos of myself teaching, so, fortunately, Jalpa has been doing a great job of stepping into my classes and documenting my teaching.



Perhaps the easiest way to quickly navigate all of the posts is through the ‘Tags’ on the right of the page. Just choose the grade level or subject area that you work with and enjoy!

Until next time,

AleIMG_ECCA07C6C9FE-1.jpegxander Johnson




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