Ultimate Seesaw Resource Guide

A little over a year ago, I was given a summer task by the head of Primary at my school; he asked me to take advantage of the break and my attendance at several conferences to look for an e-portfolio platform. It was something that I had been arguing for yet my insistence to  move away from physical portfolios was met with resistance from teachers.

The challenge would be for me to find a platform that met the following criteria:

  • A simple interface suitable for Early Years & Primary
  • Low or free cost
  • Multi-platform (for parents who have a more diverse selection of devices)
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to learn

Obviously, you could argue that there are a lot of available platforms (and the number is ever increasing) that could meet the above criteria – however, despite the ones that did, it wasn’t until I went to Amsterdam and was shown Seesaw: the Learning Journal that I truly knew that this was the platform for our school.


From the moment that I began to explore the tool I was impressed by it. The interface was minimalistic and attractive, the available media types were fantastic, the customization options robust and most importantly, the customer service was incredible. I quickly realized that the team behind Seesaw was working overtime to connect with their customers – not only that, but they genuinely wanted to continue iterating on the tool to guarantee its improvement. My feedback was not only accepted, but encouraged, as I brought the tool to my school and began providing professional development sessions for teachers. Any issue we faced was adding to a list and sent to Seesaw, where they would provide either an explanation for the feature or offer a timeline for when it would be changed.

If you are looking for an e-portfolio platform for your classroom or institution – I cannot recommend Seesaw strongly enough. If, however, you’re already using it but need some support to orient new parents, begin blogging via the app, or check for connected parents, I have added some of my support videos below.

Welcoming New Parents to Seesaw

Getting Started With Seesaw Blogs

Checking for Connected Parents

Seesaw at Oberoi International School Infographic



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