One Best Thing: Cultivating Young Poets

Upon being accepted into the Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2015, we were given the task of creating content using apple technology – with the purpose of somehow educating others on how they could leverage technology. I decided to create an iBook that would showcase various apps that could be used to help students publish their own poetry.

You can check out the iBook and download it for free on iTunes here.


Below are a few excerpts:

“One Best Thing is a collection of books, created by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs), that demonstrate the use of Apple technologies to transform teaching and learning. Each One Best Thing book shares a unit, a lesson, or a best practice and is designed to help another educator implement a successful method. It’s a professional learning idea championed by an educator – in word and action – that others can look to for ideas and tips on how to replicate. Enjoy this One Best Thing book, and others in the collection, and discover innovative projects, lessons and activities for use in your own learning environment.”

Excerpt From: “Cultivating Young Poets.” iBooks.

Provide a brief child-friendly overview of Poetry, a topic that remains challenging for many, adults included
Tips for motivating students to engage in poetry
Share an assortment of tech tools that can be leveraged to provide alternative publishing methods
Real examples from students for each of the tech tools shown
Demonstrate design tips for creating your very own poetry anthology, using iBooks Author”

Excerpt From: “Cultivating Young Poets.” iBooks.


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